How to Buy Emps

Step by step process about to how to buy.


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After the user has funded the e-wallet, buying of emps can now be done. 

The steps below show how to buy emps on Emuut.

Step 1: Select TV show/Sports team to trade by clicking on the "select market" dropdown.

Step 2: Click on your favorite team or contestant.   

User will be directed to the page of team or contestant.

Users can also switch to another team or contestant by clicking on "Switch emps". To know more about switching emps, click here.  

Step 4: Scroll down to the "I want to buy" box 

Step 5: Input the quantity of emps to be bought on the quantity tab.

Hint: You can buy as much as you can. Click max button to buy with all your cash.

Step 6: Choose a price of your choice or user can input own price by clicking on "custom value"

Hint: Low values take longer to complete, please select your best price. To buy immediately, select the highest price.

Step 7: There is a possibility that the price of emps may change during a transaction. in order to avoid a break in the transaction, an option is provided for the user to choose if he or she wants to buy at their price.

Step 8: Click on "Buy"

To track your transaction, scroll down to "Transaction in progress..." or click on "Order history". To know more about order history, click here.

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