How to Sell Emps

Step by step process about how to sell.


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On Emuut, a user can decide to sell emps at any convenient time, provided it is at an affordable market price. See steps on how to sell below.

Step 1: Click on the team/contestant purchased.

User will be directed to the page of the team or contestant he/she want to sell. 

Step 2: Scroll down to the "I want to Sell" tab. 

Step 3: Input the quantity of emps to  be sold in the "Quantity" field.    

Hint: You can click max to sell everything.

Step 4: Select the price to sell the contestant/team or click on a 'custom value' to input your own price. 

Hint: High values take longer to complete. To sell immediately, select the lowest value.

Step 5: There is a possibility that the price of emps may change during a transaction. in order to avoid a break in the transaction, an option is provided for the user to choose if he or she wants to still sell at their price.

Step 6: Click "Sell'

Transactions can be tracked by scrolling down to "Transaction in progress..." 

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