Resetting Your Transaction Pin

How to reset your transaction pin to enable you cash out

Tobi Odukoya

Last Update 2 jaar geleden

When attempting to cash out, you may discover that you don't remember the pin you set or you don't even remember when you set a pin.

Don't fret, there's a solution. Below are steps to setting a new pin which will enable you complete your cash out:

Step 1: From your dashboard, click on the menu button and scroll down to "My Profile".

Step 2: When the page opens, scroll down to the box that says "Change Transaction Pin" and click on Forgot transaction pin at the bottom of the box.

Step 3: A code would be sent to the phone number that you registered on emuut with, the message below will be shown.

Step 4: Put in the received OTP, along with the new pin you would like to set.

It's done, you can now complete your cash out.

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