Rules and  Regulations

Rules to adhere to when trading with Emuut


Last Update vor 2 Jahren

1) Users can buy and sell as many times as they wish.

2) For every transaction of buy or selling, there is a transaction fee of 3%

3) A User's purchase is final. A user cannot return coins bought or ask for a refund. A user's only option is to sell the coin.

4) Every sale is final. If users want their coins back, they have to buy them.

5) A user can cash out at any time, but each time he or she cashes out, there is a cash-out fee of N100.

6) When trading on football matches, trading continues till the end of the game, except for the FINAL match of the competition.

7) Trading is not allowed during the final match of any football competition. Trading on any football competition stops just before the final match kicks off.

8) If any contestant or team is eliminated from the competition, their coin price drops to zero automatically.

9) Minimum cash-out amount is N100. Cash-out below this amount will be rejected.

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