What is Emuut?

A simple introduction to emuut.com

Tobi Odukoya

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Emuut.com is a trading platform. You can also say its like an online market.

In a market, products are bought and sold for profit. Its the same concept on emuut.com, except this time, you are buying and selling the contestants in popular tv-shows such as the voice, big brother, Nigerian idols and more to come.

We call these contestants EMPS.  An emp is just a digital representation of any contestant that you can buy on emuut.com

So what is the purpose of  buying a contestant ?

The short answer to this question is  "To sell and make profit".  

The purpose of buying any emp on emuut.com is to cash-out if the value of the emp appreciates. The value of an emp appreciates when there is a huge demand for the emp. As more people buy any given emp, the price will increase. When the price is high enough, you can sell it and cash out the profit.

Is there any risk involved ?

The answer is YES!

There is no guarantee that the price of any emp will see enough demand  to make the price increase. If the price does not increase, you will not make a profit.

Also, if a contestant is eliminated from a show, the value of that emp will go to zero and you will lose the money you spent to buy that emp. So it is very important to sell the emp BEFORE the contestant is eliminated from the show.

How do I find a buyer ?

Searching for a buyer is done automatically for you. All you need to do, is enter a price and the quantity you want to sell and our system will find a buyer.  If the price you entered is too high, the system may not be able to find a buyer for you. So enter a price that is suitable for you. 

If the system cannot find a buyer, you can cancel the request and enter a new price.

To learn how to create an account, click here.

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